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2014 The Top Five Most Successful Binary Option Brokers


The makes sincere efforts to offer traders with valuable information regarding the top Binary Options Trading Platforms. You will find a plenty of excellent reviews and articles provided by the market experts and acclaimed analysts. Our readers having the chance to find trustworthy websites is our main goal. It does not matter what type of trader he/she is, what it matters is that the all traders are going to be satisfied with what they find and be aquatinted with up-to-the-very-last-second actions on Binary Options.


We are working with analysts who are devoted to making sure that the traders will be able to learn the most effective method to get to the newest information and features of the top Binary Options Platforms without wasting their time. Knowing the useful tricks surely will give traders the more opportunities to make the most of their binary options trading experience. Being a reader website, you will be equipped with the most necessary information to get what you want and become a successful binary options trader.


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24 Option

- Fast and smooth deposit and withdrawal

- Abundant bonus promotions

- Every trade comes with up to 94% Payout rate

- Up/Down - One Touch - 60 seconds - Open Platform



Grand Option

- Up/Down, One Touch, 60 Seconds

- Market reviews available on daily and weekly basis

- Account can be opened in a few minutes

- Video tour for your convenience




- Up to 81% Payout rate on every trades

- Up/Down - One Touch - 60 Seconds - Option Builder

- Valuable news and information in Trading Academy

- Online customer support available




- More than 120 assets available

- 24/7 professional customer support available

- A great variety of deposit and withdrawal methods

- Interface available in a number of languages



Banc de Binary

- Immediate deposit and Immediate withdrawal

- Free $50,000 demo account up for grabs

- Great first time deposit bonus offer

- Round the clock customer support


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Variety of Trading Platforms


Call / Put option trading

Traders can use "High and Low Binary Options"in the situation where the markets are High or Low. These options, as known as "Up/Down", "Call/Put" and as "Above/Below", are very well known and common options amongst traders and brokers. Most of the traders start binary options trading with this platform.

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Boundary option trading

When investors think that it is rather obvious that a currency will stay in the range of provided trading price, Binary Range Option might comes in handy for them. This option can offer the holder with a specific payouts at the same time your basic currency remains in a set price range option boundary because of the expiration of the option.

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One Touch - No Touch

Touch - No Touch option trading

One touch trading option, or also called Lock In or Touch Digital, is a trade that will give a binary options user the opportunity to have a payout after the price of the underlying asset touches or not touches a previously defined barrier. After the barrier is vanished, the investors can place the barrier, determine expiration time and set the payout.

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Other Trading tools

Other trading option tools

Although Binary Option trading has become one of the most effective ways for traders to gain profit, it is still a fairly new, but surely one of the most innovative kinds. With the accelerated technological progress, you are able to utilize numerous options such as "60 Seconds" or "Pro Trader". There will be more new options being introduced as the industry grows.

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Binary Options Trading

Binary Options trading has been introduced to the trading world only recently but with some innovative features that give investors much more options and effective ways to profit. Even if you are new and are not familiar with the financial tools, or you do not plan to invest a fortune of dollars in your very first trade, you can still find a suitable option that will fulfill your needs. By using Binary Options, you are able to gain a great amount of profits, and make the most of both a minimal investment and instant satisfaction. It is important for us to provide you with the valuable information since this field is still relatively new. We believe that with enough information and knowledge, you will be able to take advantage of Binary Options and make profit as you gain more experience. We have provided some useful information below, but you also might want to go through our binary options brokers reviews with the up-to-date information regarding the most excellent binary options brokers.

ABC in Binary Options

1. About Binary Options trading

Binary options trading is a prosperous financial trading option and one of the simplest form as there will be only two outcomes in the end, thus it is called "Binary". The principle of Binary options trading is very simple. The trader will predict if the asset is going to go up or down in value within the given period of time. If your predicted correctly, you are the winner and walk away with profit and if you guessed wrong, then you will lose your investment but a percentage that remains in your account will be still yours to keep.

2. What does it mean for the average trader?

By using this new trading method, you will be able to have results right away. Binary options trading is usually dealt online in a Web based background which gives you the opportunity to trade from any computer with the internet. Some of the main reasons why this method became popular in such a short period of time is because of its simplicity and straightforwardness.

3. What benefits will Binary traders gain?

It is well known amongst Binary trader that with Binary options trading, you can get your results instantly, and you don't need to be an expert with years of experience to get into the trading actions since it is very simple to follow, not to mention that there will be low risks. Since it is web based, traders can access from anywhere as long as there is a computer connected to the internet. Because it is a simple trading system, traders who are new to this field can also get started without any hesitation, and it has a potential for a big gain.

4. What are the disadvantages?

We always strongly recommend Binary options traders to be fully prepared before investing their hard earned money. This can be said to any other traders in the other markets. You should make a thorough research in order to profit efficiently. You should always keep in mind that this is not a gambling act, thus you will have more chance to win with sufficient study and analyzation, but also, it is your responsibility to know that there is a risk of losing the money you invested.

5. What are the risks?

Good news about risks in Binary options trading is that they are relatively low compared to other markets. The risk here is totally depending on your move. You will have the opportunity to have a clear view of exactly how much you are willing to invest, and the maximum amount you could lose is the exact same amount you invested and not more.

6. How can I find a good broker?

It is obvious that you need a broker that is trustworthy, secure, generous, and provides professional and sincere customer support. The binary broker industry is still a new comer but you will find a plenty of options already. What you need to always remember when searching for a good broker is to check if they offer a trader-friendly platform, adjustability in the trading assets, and user-friendly website where you can get to your desired destination in a few seconds.

7. Is binary trading complicated?

Many traders fall in love with Binary options because of its simplicity. There is no complicated system you need to understand. You just have two ways, win or lose. If you predict that the asset will rise, you simply click on the Up arrow in most of the cases in binary platforms. If you guess that it is going to go down, click on the down arrow and set your price. Until the position expires, you are able to observe the movement of the asset.


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