Binary Option Trading Guide
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These options are considered the simplest form of binary option types. You are able to forecast and destine the fixed payout if an underlying merchandise expires at a price that is higher or lower than the initial trade, given that the chosen option or trade expired in a range that is considered profitable.


For instance, let's say you invested $100 in high/low binary option on NEC stock and the payout happens to be 75%. You bought the option exactly the moment the price of NEC is $500 sharp per share. If the price of NEC goes further than this price at the expiration of this call,  you will receive $175, giving you a full profit of $75. If the price goes below, your $100 investment will be gone.



In this Boundary Binary Options, you are to determine which asset to trade, how much you will invest, and if the price of an underlying asset at an expiration time is going to finish inside or outside of the range. If you plan to trade USD/EUR in Range, you have to judge if this currency trading is IN or OUT of the predetermined range of two lines that are parallel to each other in the graph.


Then, you will have to determine if the asset will remain inside or outside the range. In the situation where the asset expires, you would probably predict that it will remain within the range. Next thing you would do is to click on the IN option to receive your payout only if you guessed correctly on the expiration time of the asset.


Touch-No Touch:

In this option, you have the opportunity to take a predetermined fixed payout by choosing from two different results including "Touch". To get this payout, an asset's price needs to touch or go beyond a certain level one time before the trade expires. You will lose your original investment if it doesn't get to the expected level or doesn't go beyond at all. The other result is known as "No Touch".


Here, you predict that the asset's price is not going to touch a certain level before the trade expires. If you decided to trade USD/JPY in "One Touch/No Touch" options, you should have an acute power of observation in order to be able to see if this currency trading is "Touching" or "Not Touching" a particular line shown in the graph. If your selection is “Touch” and USD/JPY reaches a certain line, you will get your payout. On the contrary, if USD/JPY does not reach a certain line, you will lose your original investment, and it goes the same for No Touch as well.


Special Tools

The 60 Second Trading:

As the name suggests, if you are successful enough, you will be able to profit in just one minute. You will find the 60 Second Trading feature in a particular platform. This is certainly one of the fastest trade online. With this trading, you will need to choose your asset, the amount of your investment, and a position. Then all you need to do is to select "Start" and your 60 second trade will kick off.


With these options, you will be able to start and finish trades in 60 seconds. Because the expiry time is shortened, you'll have more opportunity to make a right prediction on the trend movements compared to the other trading options.


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